Toivottavasti tämä ränkkänä suostuu jo yhteistyöhön. Loppuosa postista vain Lontooksi, Secret Pal kilpailu.

My hostess Bobbi has announced another contest, this time about travelling.

With the weather turning warmer, many of you are thinking of traveling (though some of you have just returned, you can play along). 
1) What do you pack to knit?  Socks are always convenient because of the project size -and they also play a housewarming gift if you meet new people on the road! I usually have a pair of sock when I'm "roadtripping" over the weekends. (It's another thing if I ever get any knitting done, though...)

2) What do you hope to shop for?   I'd hope to shop for exotic or high quality yarns not easily available in my home town. It would also be great to find some affordable knitting accessories.

Assume that you will be gone for ten days to someplace "foreign" that is known for having great knitting locations.  (Bonus: Where would you go on a "knitting holiday"?) I think that most likely I'd go to Tallinn (capital of Estonia), because there are great handspun yarns available, even quite cheap. Or, I'd go to a big German city (Hallo Regia, Wollmeise et co. here I come!!)